Title: Going Greek

Going Greek Poster Producers: Justin Zackham, Eric Kim, Jennifer Farrell, Terrence Michael, Richard Finney
Writer/Director: Justin Zackham
Cast: Dylan Bruno, Laura Harris, Simon Rex, Susan Ward, Oliver Hudson, Corey Pearson
Genre: Comedy

Logline: Loner freshman Jake Taylor is forced to join the wildest fraternity on campus when the frat brothers refuse to accept his geeky cousin/roommate unless Jake agrees to pledge with him. But the girl of his dreams won't date him if he does.


Undoing Producers: Karin Chien, Eric Kim, Catherine Park
Writer/Director: Chris Chan Lee
Cast: Sung Kang, Kelly Hu, Russell Wong, Leonardo Nam, Bobby Lee
Genre: Noir Drama/ Thriller

Logline: One year later, Samuel returns to Los Angeles to avenge the murder of his best friend, Joon. Samuel hustles a crooked police detective in attempt to wipe out the debt Joon left behind. His ultimate goal- to win back his former girlfriend Vera, who in turn has obligations to a shady downtown bartender, Randall. Unexpectedly, the three find themselves working together in a hastily conceived plot to traffic stolen goods to a maniacal party promoter. Samuel's plans go awry as he soon finds a past that was not left behind, but left in waiting.
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